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Lunar Fest Feb 1st – 5th

The Boy, the Shark and the Sea- Free Event

Based in Taiwan, the Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company finds new and creative ways to enhance the traditional art of puppetry, and has performed around the world. This production, which features lessons about our interactions with the natural environment, tells the story of a boy, his tarot-root-doppelganger, a friendly shark and the community around them. Audiences will have a chance to interact with the puppets and puppeteers after each performance.

Sponsored by Council for Cultural Affairs (Taiwan)

Feb. 1st / 1pm – 2pm
Feb. 2nd to 3rd / 1pm – 2pm
Feb. 4th to 5th / 3pm – 4pm

Lunar Kids Workshops

A range of workshops will get the whole family involved in Lunar New Year traditions. Experience the magic of lantern-making, paper-cutting, traditional couplet-making and many more fun-filled activities.

Lunar Kids Game Station

A variety of fun and unique games tied the celebration. Find out what’s in store for your Year of the Dragon in the Fortune Teller Game, test your knowledge of the sea in the Red Envelope Game, and give your brain a tease in the Memory Game.

Celebration and Imagination inspired by the Sea!  The world’s first lantern aquarium features a collection of lantern works depicting the beauty of our ocean creatures by professional artists and thousands of school children.  Be a Sea Dragon, take a deep breath, and you are about to be surrounded by a Paper FantaSea, the world’s largest coral reef and bonny reef lanterns and even a sea turtle… As you continue to explore, you will be invited to be part of the excitement in the sea…get ready to be a sea creature!  By the way, there is also a sighting of a great white shark in the aquarium!  Be sure to bring your camera and capture this winter spectacle like no others…

Paper FantaSea  : Hung, Hsin-Fu

One Kind of Behaviour: Shyu, Ruey-Shiann

Coral Reef and other lanterns: Pai, Jung-Cheng

Interactive Play: Tai-Yuan Puppet Theatre (Taiwan)

Contributing artists: School Children in BC and Ontario; Taiwan

click here to learn more about LunarFest


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