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Unsung Heroes Festival: Feb 1- 29

Blue Water Cafe’s 8th Annual Unsung Heroes Festival

This Festival should serve up a delicous and edifying family experience. Enjoy some rare culinary delights while exposing the kids to the diversity of formerly under-utilized species and the dangers of over fishing.

February 1 – 29, 2012

Chef Pabst, who has won many culinary distinctions, has long been a champion of the sustainable fisheries movement. He created the Unsung Heroes Festival specifically to draw attention to the diversity of formerly under-utilized species. His concept is simple: Avoid species that are over-fished, or fished in ways that damage ocean beds or cause unnecessary by-catch, by introducing diners to new experiences and flavours using species found in abundance.

Since then, the Festival has become ‘wildly popular’ at Blue Water Cafe, as avid diners seek out new dishes, as well as returning favourites from Unsung Heroes past.

“Eight years ago, this was quite a radical concept,” Pabst says. “But now our guests are well-informed as to just how delicious and nutritional some of these lesser-known seafoods can be. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to introduce them into the mainstream.”

Again this year, 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program, of which Blue Water Cafe is a founding member.


Unsung Heroes Menu

recommended as sharing plates for the table

stir fried with pork jowl, lotus root, chili and green onions
hoisin sauce and pea shoot salad 10.50

sea snails poached in a kombu seaweed broth
served chilled in their shells, nori shoyu vinaigrette  9.50

celery salad with preserved watermelon, walnuts, fuji apples, watercress  9.50

Herring Roe
taramasalata with herring roe, grilled flat bread, citrus marinated olives  10.50

kaiso sunomono, mixed seaweed salad with tosa-zu sauce and ginger  7.50

marinated white anchovies, pearl barley, cilantro chimichurri
parmesan, romaine lettuce  9.50

mirugai sashimi with karashi sumiso  15.50

Sea Cucumber
smoked potato and shiitake mushroom chowder
with sautéed sea cucumber and grilled scallions 10.50

broiled with sesame seeds, pickled sunchokes
kabayaki sauce with orange and long pepper 9.50

charred octopus, swiss chard, chorizo, white bean purée, romesco sauce  11.50

pan fried in a blanket
stuffed with pine nut gremolata, broccolini, harissa sauce  9.50

Red Sea Urchin
red sea urchin trifle, avocado cream, nori seaweed nest, yuzu sake purée
peruvian gooseberries, ponzu jelly  12.50


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