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TedxKids BC: The Big Picture

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On Thursday, April 5th, 2012, TEDxKids@BC will be hosting their second TEDx event: TEDxKids@BC Change at Telus World of Science. This event will feature seven local speakers, entertainment by young performers, and will include web-streamed video footage of talks held at TEDxChange in Berlin. TEDxChange is an event which is co-organized by TED and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Held in Berlin, it aims to encourage positive change around issues of local and global importance including development, health, and the environment. The local TEDxKids@BC Change speakers’ talks focus on issues of change as well – including environmental sustainability, entrepreneurialism, and urban and cultural development.

TEDxKids@BC Change speakers and performers! If you are unable to attend the event, they will be posting their talks later in the spring at TedxKidsBC.

To apply to attend this event and their next event in October, or to volunteer, please go to TedxKidsBC

To watch the live webcast event from Berlin go to this link at Facebook


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