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Healthy Schools Day: April 24th

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Do you know that many schools have problems linked to indoor air quality? That children are more vulnerable than adults to environmental hazards? That poor indoor environmental quality is associated with a wide rage of problems that include respiratory illnesses and poor concentration leading to poor learning? That many studies have found positive health impacts from improved indoor air quality, and also that resources put into improving indoor environment quality have a rapid pay back? Healthy Schools Day was created to celebrate successes and encourage projects that make indoor environments of new and existing schools the best they can be – from healthy products and practices for existing schools to construction of Healthy new schools. You can help improve school indoor air quality and reduce exposure to toxins by promoting the use of less toxic cleaning materials, building materials, and classroom materials; see that safe alternatives are used for pest control; reduce bus and car idling; help control and remove indoor mould growth, and much more–your project can be big or small. Everyone, from students to governments to community groups can take part. Register a project on the website’s Project Registry Healthy Schools Day


Twelve national and provincial organizations met on March 12, 2009 to declare a national Healthy Schools Day in Canada to focus on school indoor environment issues such as air quality. Since then, over 35 organizations have given their support.

The purpose of the day is to foster improvements, celebrate successes, and create projects that make indoor environments of new and existing schools the best they can be.

Every year, Healthy Schools Day in Canada (HSD) will give citizens, students, teachers, organizations, school boards, and all Canadians, a time to focus on school buildings’ indoor environment quality to benefit the health and learning ability of our country’s school children, and protect the health of workers in Canadian schools.

Healthy Schools Day is the Tuesday of CEFPI’s School Building Week. CEFPI is the Council of Education Facilities Planners International.

CASLE (Canadians for A Safe Learning Environment, is coordinating Healthy Schools Day.


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