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ReVision@ Creekhouse, Recycled Art Show June 2- July 29 FREE

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ReVision the Art of Recycling presents a public art show featuring juried exhibits and special festival
events showcasing art made from recycled, salvaged, scrounged or repurposed materials. Owing to the success of
last year’s show, we are excited to be returning to the Creekhouse complex on Granville Island for two months this
summer. All events are free.
ReVision the Art of Recycling is a Vancouver based organization that promotes artists using recycled
materials as a major part of their creative process. We wanted to give artists a venue for work not typically found in
a traditional gallery setting.
“Art has the power to change one’s heart and ideology and has the potential to present a larger view of the world.
Recycled art is no exception. The use of repurposed materials in artwork is often a catalyst to spark memories and
life stories, and to facilitate sharing of our life perspectives. It invites the viewer to process the meaning or message
in a very personal way. Through our shows we have discovered that we can be agents of change because recycled art
is accessible to such a wide range of viewers: both young and old, and every age in between. Participating Creekhouse store owners agreed that last year’s festival caused people to reflect on “what is garbage” and suggested other recycling opportunities. It also provides a novel cultural experience that the whole family can enjoy. There is a big fun factor too. Many of our artists have a great sense of humour that is reflected in their work. Show highlights will, of course, be the recycled art in the shops and along the boardwalks, but you won’t want to miss our very popular Wearable Art Fashions shown in the ‘Guerrilla Gallery’. The Guerilla Gallery will also be showing art that is too fragile to be displayed outdoors, it will be open on the weekends of June 9th and 10th and June 16th and 17th . As with last year’s show there are plans underway to invite a musical guest or two. In addition, there will be an opportunity for you to create your own recycled art at our Creation Station.

Carl Sean McMahon
Breaching Orca 3
Holly Hamilton
Barrel of Monkey
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