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A Town Called Panic, June 17th

Candy you ate as a kid®
“‘Oh non! Mon Dieu!’ The first stop-motion animated feature selected for Cannes, A Town Called Panic — the feature version of a demented Belgian television animation sensation of the same name — brings to life a topsy-turvy world populated by cheap plastic figurines of cowboys, Indians, farmers, horses, cows, and pigs. When an attempt to surprise their pal Horse with a homemade brick barbecue for his birthday goes terribly awry, Cowboy and Indian must find a way to deal with the fifty million bricks they mistakenly ordered. Unfortunately, their effort to hide the bricks results in their house being destroyed. Trying to rebuild it, the oddball trio contends with an avalanche of bizarre obstacles, including a voyage to the centre of the Earth, a giant snowball-throwing mechanical penguin, and pointy-headed sea creatures from a parallel underwater world” (Colin Geddes, Toronto I.F.F.). “Despite a cast of 1,500 plastic toy figures, A Town Called Panic was probably made for less than it cost to produce 10 seconds of Avatar and is, in some ways, an even weirder, more ingrown, raucous fantasy” (J. Hoberman, Village Voice). Colour, 35mm, in French with English subtitles. 75 mins.

A Town Called Panic is a visual treat that we believe all ages will delight in, but please be aware that it is presented in French with English subtitles. REVIEWS “An adventure story as fast-paced and exciting as any currently in theatres. The fact that it stars a dashing plastic horse and his excitable wards, a plastic cowboy and Indian, only makes it that much better.” New York Times | full review “A distinctive blend of whimsy and manic energy … A Town Called Panic proves you don’t need fancy CGI techniques, 3D, or stunt voice casting to make a sparkly little gem” Variety | full review “Made with an anarchic, anything-goes spirit … To really understand the zany and surreal comic madness of A Town Called Panic, you’re going to have to see it for yourself.” Los Angeles Times

Sun, June 17, 1pm – 2pm

WherePacific Cinematheque:1131 Howe Street (map)

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