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Kid Koala – Space Cadet Headphone Experience( All Ages) June 27, 28 “It’s a headphone concert, gallery, science fair and it’s fun for the whole family,”

Sonos Wireless Music Player

Kid Koala will be in town, June 27, 28, for the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, and he’s bringing an audiophile/concert goers dream of a show along with him, including free cookies to decorate. Audience members will  “surrender to the comfort of inflatable space pods”, wired for open air wireless headphones, which audience members use to dial in their own volume at which to experience the show.

The show is called, “Space Cadet Headphone Experience”, an all ages extravaganza, which includes all the pieces to the puzzle of a complete experience, personal,yet connected.  The headphones are” state of the art” Sennheiser RS 116  open air wireless headphones, hand picked by Kid Koala himself, which allow the concert goer to control the volume at which to experience the show, as well as experience the show as though they were the headphone clad DJ creator Kid Koala himself. “The music for the Space Cadet Headphone Tour is quite cinematic and full of nuance,” commented Kid Koala. “Headphones were the best way to present that detail in the sound. When I use in ear monitors (IEMs), I use the Sennheiser G2 system and it performs well. So when it came time to decide what to equip the audience with, we tested all the products and ended up using the best: Sennheiser.”

The visual experience revolves around over a 130 drawings ” painstakingly drawn entirely on etchboards” from the Kid’s most recent graphic novel and soundtrack, “Space Cadet”.

“This charming story of an adventurous space cadet and her guardian robot unfolds through a series of flashbacks and flash-forwards to reveal a unique bond between the characters. As it explores the relationship between technology and isolation, space cadet celebrates the idea of connectivity through family and the cycles that build generations”.

“It’s a headphone concert, gallery, science fair and it’s fun for the whole family,” 

A Space Gallery accompanies the show, complete with interactive Music Spaceship Console, a Space Cadet Soundtrack Cassette Jukebox, and original etch boards from the Space Cadet graphic novel, ” …and  there will be cookies, to decorate and to eat!

” Because the music was written almost as lullabies,” says Kid Koala, “the layers are really nuanced and subtle.” The feeling during the concert is that you’re having this communal experience with people around you, but everyone is having a personal, unique headphone experience.”

 “Cadet is gorgeous — maybe even his most mature work to date — but not exactly a body-mover. Koala has an old-school battler’s sense of crowdwork though, filling every spare minute with jokes, thumb-wrestling competitions, and raffles/contests that gave away an amount of stuff that would rival the amount of merch another band would sell legitimately from a booth.”  Christopher R. Weingarten,  Spin Magazine

Kid Koala’s Space Cadet Book has been awarded the Gold Medal in the Graphic Novel (Drama) category by the Independent Book Publishers Awards.

“Sure to be the most unique and memorable event of the year” Vancouver Jazz Festival

… turntable virtuoso brings Plinko and cookies to Brooklyn

“The American debut of Kid Koala’s “Space Cadet Headphone Experience,” held in Brooklyn’s Irondale theater, was a triumph of whimsy and trust. “Whimsy” because half the show meant milling through the DJ’s please-touch science fair where you could marvel at sculptures of colorful comic-book fauna and skritch-scratch around on his personal collection of vintage musical equipment. “Trust” because he has faith that 250 fans a night won’t break all his bleep!”

SPIN Magazine

Space Cadet Headphone Concerts in Brooklyn have been selected as critic’s picks things to see/do in the New York Times and Time Out New York!

The Space Cadet soundtrack was recorded in the wintertime in Montreal on a piano, bass, viola, and multiple turntables.  It is a collection of classically based quiet-time compositions perfect for lulling your newborn to sleep. Features Kid Koala’s first 8-part turntable string arrangement.

“Combine 1 piano, 6 space pods, 7 turntables, and 250 sets of headphones with an audio science fair/gallery. What do you get? Fun for the whole family!”

Space Cadet Headphone Concerts in Brooklyn have been selected as critic’s picks things to see/do in the New York Times and Time Out New York!

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