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Sonic Playground @ Vancouver International Jazz Fest, June 30, July 1

SONIC PLAYGROUNDSat & Sun, Jun 30 & Jul 1
David Lam Park
No musical experience necessary!

This is the 2nd Sonic Playground at the 2012 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival. A physical playground of creative sound exploration; an interactive family event that introduces music and sound making in a playful and engaging environment. Explore percussion, noise making, mixing, active listening, voice recording, rhythm, improvisational performance and sound poetry in a fun, hands-on, immersive play space.

The ultimate musical adventure for people of all ages. Original sound projects bring together found sound and oral storytelling in a soundscape of Vancouver past and present. Re-imagine spatulas, pop cans, and other everyday objects and how they make music and sound. Play musical instruments that produce unique tonal and percussive sound collages. Let curiosity by your guide as you explore these unique interactive installations by local and internationals artists.


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