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6th Annual BC Renaissance Festival, July 19-22

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6th Annual BC Renaissance Festival

 Come join the village of Steller’s Grove for a weekend of thrills and merriment! After the arrest of Charity, Cobbs, and Firth, life returns to normal for the villagers of Steller’s Grove. Even Charity’s abandoned crew seems to be settling in. But what brings King Henry back to the shire, and who is the mysterious widow that has just arrived? Is there foul play afoot? Shop the marketplace, enjoy the stage performers, and spend some time with the characters of Steller’s Grove. Thrill to the excitement of the Joust and join us in song at the end of the day. More to see and do for all ages. Come for the day, or visit us all three days, and immerse yourself in the 16th century! Live The Revelry!

Story line for 2012

The year is 1513, The land is at peace and the world is quiet. All of England has settled under the new King and the future looks  bright AGAIN. All is quiet except for the village of Steller’s Grove.
During his visit King Henry VIII left behind members of the Jade Dragon Crew. Taking the Senior officers with him, his instructions to the village and the crew was that they were not to LEAVE until he had decided what to do with their ship.
The crew continues to cause trouble, now that their Captain, Quartermaster and Firstmate are not around. The village constantly wishes for a miracle to take these trouble makers away. Folks in Steller’s Grove should be careful what they wish for.
A mysterious widow shows up in Steller’s Grove about the same time that the King returns. Is there a connection? Is there hope for this little Shire? Will they be FREE of these pests or have they just invited more trouble into their homes?
All this and more at the B.C. Renaissance Festival!

July 19 – July 22
Dates: July 19 (noon to 6pm), July 20, 21, 22, 2012 (9am to 8:30pm) Location: Thunderbird Show Park, 24550 72nd Ave, Langley, BC V1M 3W8 Admission: Adults $18, Youth $17, Children/Seniors $10, Family Rates Available, reduced rate Thursday

This video is a summary of the 2011 BC Renaissance Festival.
Video includes storyline cast (with Henry VIII & Jade Dragon Pirates), Sumer The Fairy, Vendors, Full Metal Jousting’s Ripper Moore being unhorsed ( 1:13 ), Shady Isle Pirates’ Mini Brigs, Red McWilliams, and muchmore.

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