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Surpass:August 19th – 26th, 2012 (Camp Byng) Sunshine Coast

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Surpass @ Camp Byng

An inspiring, life- changing program for teens, 13-17 years

If you are the kind of teen who wants to make meaningful connections  in your world, then Surpass may be an exciting program for you.

Why SURPASS?  Young people, and teens, especially, want to live meaningfully and powerfully in ways that reflect their heartfelt interests, concerns and passions. The SURPASS program, with the support of the SelfDesign Foundation, provides  opportunities and experiences that enable youth to reach beyond – to surpasstheir own personal limitations of what they know, and believe they can do, starting now. For this we draw on insights from the well-established fields of personal development and coaching and our experiences developing and successfully guiding teens through this work in our SelfDesign (K-12) programs and our predecessor programs, Virtual High and Wondertree. We are confident that SURPASS will provide knowledge and skills of immediate and lasting value to participants, families, communities and beyond.

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