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International Autonomous Robot Racing Competition & Exhibition 2012, July 28th

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International Autonomous Robot Racing Competition

Come watch the races!

Everyone is invited!
Fun for the whole family!
Autonomous robots built by university teams from all over will be put to the test! Check out our robotics exhibition!  The organizing committee, a collaborative effort between the UBC faculties of Commerce and Engineering, invites the community to come watch the races and explore the world of robotics . We look forward to celebrating innovation in the autonomous robotics field with a fun and exciting day of robot racing. With lots of interactive displays, games and prizes, this event is a wonderful opportunity to learn all about autonomous robotics and its current and future applications. The robot drag race, the ultimate test of speed, is from 1pm to 2:30pm, and the circuit race, where autonomous robots must navigate a complex obstacle course, begins at 3pm. Come one and come all, this is an event not to be missed!!!

UBC Laboratory tours

Youths will have the chance to explore some of the coolest laboratories in UBC Applied Science. In this lab tour, we will walk you through three different laboratories: Aerodynamic Lab and Industrial Automation Lab and the CARIS Lab! This event will take place in the morning right before the exciting robotic races described above. Click Here for more information about the tour.

Design Competition

In this section of the competition, teams will be submitting a report and will also be giving a 10 minute presentation on the design of the robot, essentially explaining their solution to the problem.

Drag Race

Two teams will be racing against each other on a 30m straightaway. This race will be in the style of a ladder elimination. So there’ll be a quarter final, semi final, and then finals heat against the two fastest robots. Teams will be awarded points in relation to their standing.

Circuit Race

This will be the ultimate race, the problem the participants have to solve with their robots. It will be a large circuit race with obstacles; natural obstacles, such as trees and flower pots and man-made obstacles such as cone obstruction and stop signs. We will also be having drones on the race track serving as moving obstacles.

For more information, please visit Robot Racing 2012
Follow us on Twitter @IARRC and like us on Facebook!
Contact Name: Bernice Chung Contact Phone: 7788966337
Contact Email: 2012

Sat, July 28, 1pm – 5pm

WhereUniversity of British Columbia, 2053 Main Mall and University Boulevard (in front of the Sauder School of Business) (map)

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