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This will be another qualifying slam for poets to earn points to try and make the playoffs in March 2013.

Poets gain points by being one of the top 4 highest scoring poets on the night.

We also have cash and prizes for the “phrase of the night”, the lowest scoring poet and the poet who “splits the judges.”

Youth Poetry Slam

Doors and sign up at 7 o’clock
Show starts at 8pm
$4 for 18 and under. $6 for 19 and up

Poetry slams have rules: No props, costumes or pre recorded/live musical accompaniment can be used in the performance. (Beat boxing, whistling, singing and the sampling of songs is ok) There is a 3 minute time limit.

Poets should have at least two 3 minute poems ready. All poetic styles are welcome. Poems do not need to be memorized but it helps. Freedom of speech and expression is encouraged but the Youth Poetry Slam is a hate free zone and queer friendly.

Neighborhood: Commercial Drive
Name of Event Location: Cafe Deux Soleils – 2096 Commercial Drive
Event Date: 27 Aug 2012 07:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Monday)
Name of Organization: Vancouver Poetry House
Contact Phone: 604.215.9230
Contact Email:
the next YOUTH POETRY SLAM for poets 13-22 years of age is Monday August 27th @ Café Deux Soleils: 2096 Commercial Drive


Prufrock Shadowrunner was our feature poet on the 20th of August at the Vancouver Poetry Slam. This is a rap that he did for us to close out the set.


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