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Help WordPlay poets change lives: support poetry in schools

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WordPlay harnesses the magic of slam poetry to engage students. Recent funding cuts have left WordPlay’s future in jeopardy.

Please donate today!

Poets in Schools? Really?

WordPlay- Vancouver Poetry House

Yes! WordPlay sends poets into high schools, elementary schools and community centres to run performance and writing workshops. By bringing contemporary, active poets into the classroom, WordPlay makes poetry immediate and relevant to teachers and students alike. This year, we also launched a poetry slam tournament for high-schoolers – Hullabaloo – which provided these young poets with an opportunity to meet, share their work and develop as writers.

WordPlay helps students find their voice, builds their confidence and gives them an opportunity to share their stories. We’ve found that the program is especially transformative for LGBT students, or students who have experienced bullying, as it builds their confidence and supports them in finding their voice.

So, why do you need my money?

This year, WordPlay lost one of its operational grants. This grant has supported the incredible growth of the program over the last two years, during which time we have almost quadrupled the number of workshops that we do each year, and have launched the youth poetry slam tournament Hullabaloo.

The funds have supported the cost for staffing the program, as well as providing subsidized workshops to under-resourced schools. Without this funding, it will be a challenge to reach as many students as we have been reaching over the past few years, and it will make it impossible to offer subsidized workshops.

We need to raise $10,000 to replace the grant we lost. There are grants we’re going to apply for, and some additional donors and sponsors that we’re going to approach.

But we need some immediate funding to tide us over until some of these slower fundraising channels can start bringing in some money. We have raised $700 so far of our $3,000 goal – so we’re hoping that you will support our campaign to raise the remaining $2,300.

What do I get if I make a donation?

Our amazing roster of WordPlay poets have offered some amazing donation benefits, which you can

see by clicking through to

Help WordPlay!

You can redeem any of them if you make a donation of at least the minimum level they list. These are sweet, sweet perks, and many of them have limited availability – get them while you can!

What if I can’t make a donation to the campaign – can I still help?

ABSOLUTELY! Here are a few of them:

  • Are you a student who attended a WordPlay workshop? Send us a quote about how great it was!
  • Are you a young person whose life has been changed by slam poetry? Send the link to your parents, teachers, and family friends and ask them to make a donation!
  • Email, facebook and twitter this page to all of your networks to tell them how awesome slam poetry, WordPlay and Hullabaloo are, and ask them to donate to the campaign. Every dollar helps.

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