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Children and Livable Cities Forum, FREE; Sept.14


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The ‘Children and Livable Cities Forum’

 will explore how low wage poverty is a key challenge to creating livable cities.

Living Wage For Families

This Forum will explore methods for engaging with families in your community struggling with low wage poverty and how to document the stories of low wage workers and foster productive dialogue about living wages through using photography and other various forms of expression.

Light Lunch provided.

Participation at the Forum is FREE
Friday September 14th, 10am-3pm

The Forum will be preceded by the official public launch of the

Living Cities: Reducing Child Poverty, Photography and Social Change.”  

This is an an exhibit of images that visually capture the stories of the low wage families.  This launch will be hosted by the distinguished journalist and broadcaster, Kathryn Gretsinger.

 Exhibition Opening Celebration: Thursday September 13th, 7pm. Exhibition runs from September 12th to 17th.

Both events will be held at:
The Exhibition Hall, Roundhouse Community Centre
181 Roundhouse Mews
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2W3

You can invite any friends or colleagues through Facebook here

For more details click onto our brochure. To register for both events contact Michael:            604 873 8437       or

Living Wage For Families

The Living Wage for Families Campaign- $19.14 Living Wage rate for 2012

July 20th, 2012

Families who work for low wages face impossible choices — buy food or heat the house, feed the children or pay the rent. The result can be spiraling debt, constant anxiety and long-term health problems. In many cases it means that the adults in the family are working long hours, often at two or three jobs, just to pay for basic necessities. They have little time to spend with their family, much less to help their children with school work or participate in community activities. The frustration of working harder only to fall further behind is one many BC residents can relate to.

Since the 2008 CCPA report ‘Working for a Living Wage’  the Living Wage rate for Metro Vancouver has been rising every year as living costs keep rising. The newly calculated 2012 living wage rate for Metro Vancouver stands at$19.14 per hour. The 2012 living wage sees a notable 33-cent increase over the 2011 Metro Vancouver living wage of $18.81/hour.

The jump is driven by big increases in shelter costs and child care fees, already the most expensive items of the family budget. Shelter costs rose by $76/month (or close to 6%), driven by soaring rents in Vancouver (up by $68/month) and modest increases in the cost of utilities and telephone. Child care fees took a big jump of $33/month, a 3 per cent increase. BC government provides child care subsidies for low-income parents, but rates have not increased since 2005. Finally, MSP premiums increased by 6 per cent a year over the last three years (and are slated to increase again in 2013).

However not all items on the budget rose, most notably transportation costs fell by $28/month (despite increases in car costs) due to the introduction of the universal U-Pass for students in all publicly funded post-secondary institutions in BC as of September 2010. This illustrates the important role of public programs in enhancing affordability. When public services are made more affordable, the living wage rate is moderated, easing the role of employers in ensuring that families can meet their core budgetary needs.

To read report please goes to:

 Living Wage For Families

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