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Circuit Bending & Electronics Hacking Open House, Sept 28 – A Culture Days Event

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Circuit Bending & Electronics Hacking Open House
In the lead up to the 2012 VNM(Vancouver New Music) Festival, Circuit Cabaret, dedicated to hacking electronics and glitch, VNM will host a circuit bending ‘open house’.
“Electronic musical instruments are a lot of fun for a hacker because, with a small palette of tools, know-how and curiosity, they are easily modified. As with any hack, there is always the chance that the subject will be ruined, so it’s not necessarily worth the risk to muck about inside your thousand-dollar pro synthesizer. Luckily for all of us, there are shovel-fulls of old electronic musical toys littering the curbs and second-hand shops of the world. These fun little devices provide ample opportunity to get familiar with audio electronics and circuit bending techniques.”
Please visit
Hack A Day to learn much more on this subject
Participants will be able to check out an array of hacked creations by a number of local artists. Featuring work by Frederick Brummer , Soressa Gardner, Tyson HavekortGiorgio Magnanaensi, and Vincent VanHaaff
This event is part of
Culture Days!

Fri, September 28, 5pm – 7pm

Canadian Music Centre – BC Creative Hub (837 Davie St.) (map)

Sonos Wireless Music Player


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