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Calls for Action

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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”  

Leo Tolstoy

Join Youth Against Violence project!


12 Nov 2012  (Monday)

Passionate about social justice?

Want to end violence against women and girls?

Join us in taking action in your school and community! We provide training and resources, YOU take the lead on raising awareness and creating spaces for dialogue.

This project is open to youth all across BC. It can be an activity for an existing club or youth council to take on, or something to start organizing around. The main goal is to take action by putting on an event (no matter how big or small!) or/and partnering with other community initiatives working on violence prevention.
This project supports the We Can End all Violence Agaisnt Women BC Campaign (

Join the Youth Jury

Reel 2 Real Youth Film Festival-Youth Jury

New Youth Jury members for the 15th annual R2R Film Festival will be accepted this January 2013. The Youth Jury program begins with a feature film screening followed by a FREE Film Criticism workshop in January.  The screenings will take place every Saturday in February 2013.

Join one of our two youth juries

Junior Jury: Participants in Grades 5-7
Senior Jury: Participants in Grades 8-12

What jurors say about the youth jury experience

We had a great time and the experience was unique and fun. I learned how to analyze films in a thorough, in-depth manner that now makes watching films even more enjoyable. The jurors and organizers were unbelievably devoted and creative and I hope to be part of their jury next year! –  Sophia Negrabee

Thank you so much for this amazing experience! I will definitely want to be on the senior jury next year. I had so much fun learning about film critique and giving out the awards. – Will Honcharuk

Sogo Active

Sogo Active is a program created for one reason:

to help youth challenge themselves and their friends to get moving.

We’re not
going to
solve Canada’s
inactivity crisis.
You are.


Maybe so you can get active, feel good, and have some fun that doesn’t include HDTV and artificial cheese flavour. But you’ve heard that all before. Thing is, nobody can make you do it but you.

We’ll give you ideas for Challenges to get active on your own time. We’ll help hook you up with events and activities you can do with your friends. We’ll even help you create your own Challenges, from running clubs to rugby games, from weekend yoga to breakdancing – and everything in between.

Anyone can do it and there’s an activity for everyone. There’s no excuse, really. So lace up. So have fun. So go sign up now.

register here

The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up

Reel 2 Real Youth Film Jury

If you’re age 9-19 and love movies, join us for the 2013 Youth Jury.  Critique & judge professional films with a team, and get VIP treatment at the Festival…popcorn included.Click here for more information.

Organize a Community Paint Out

Put your creative spirit to work to improve you communities aesthetics

Graffiti can be a very destructive and financial burden that’s frustrating to property owners. The community suffers the impacts of graffiti in their neighbourhood although there is a solution. Community Paint Outs involve local residents, businesses, community police offices, schools and other community groups in your area to improve the physical appearance of your neighbourhood.

If you wish to organize a community paint-out you will need to secure paint and supplies, have an insurance waiver signed by your participants. To remove graffiti from private property, you will need a consent form signed by the owner. You can also contact your local community centre, school or community policing centre to discuss how to organize a community paint-out.

Check out the two video’s in the bottom left hand corner of the link at Organize A Community Paint Out, The Evolution of Graffiti and The Graffiti Mural Competion

Help protect Stanley Park for future generations to enjoy as much you and Samantha The Salamander

Please take the time to watch a short video and fill out a survey, it might just save a certain salamanders life! Stanley Park needs your help, please go here if you think you can spare a few minutes to make a big difference.

Me To We Take Action

Me to We’s Take Action academies are week-long, social justice-themed summer camps, designed to give young people the leadership skills, confidence and peer support to improve not only themselves, but their world.

Host a Me To We Artisans Trunk Show – Share Me To We Artisans with your friends and family

Me to We Artisans is a line of original accessories, handcrafted by artisans in Free The Children countries across the globe. Each unique piece is a connection between you and a working artisan, sustainably produced and using as much local supply as possible.

Hosting a show is fun easy way to share your passion for sustainable style!

See Me To We Artisans to get your party started!

My Arms Wide Open

My World In A Garden – Help grow a vertical food wall garden in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside and in South Africa.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up

St John’s Ambulance Youth Services Program

is a structured health-oriented program that provides young people with opportunities for social, educational and personal development through training, community service opportunities, leisure activities and participation at special events.

Participants age 6 and up generally get together weekly during the regular school calendar year to work on skill development and participate in program related activities.

Lower Mainland Green Team

Looking for a constructive way to help the environment?

We’re a group of people from all over the Lower Mainland who get together several times a month to help Metro Vancouver Parks, cities, charities, non-profit organizations, societies, stewardship groups and watershed groups tackle an environmental issue that needs co-operation and teamwork to get done. We also volunteer at farms to promote local sustainable agriculture. Gloves and tools will be supplied as well as refreshments! If you care about the environment and local food security this is the group for you! All ages welcome!

Most active volunteer for 2012 will receive a Grouse Mountain Certificate to the Eye of the Wind Tour (a visit to the top of the wind turbine)

Purple Thistle

The Thistle is a youth-run community centre for arts and activism.

Located in East Vancouver, we are a free place (both free-of-charge, and we are interested in freedom) where youth can engage with each other and their community. The Centre is a physical space to root ourselves, a place to work together, and a site to learn new ways for radical organizing for social change.

We’d love you to come visit, check us out, get involved, join the crew

Neptune Canada

is calling on kids to help contribute to Ocean Science. Explore the seafloor from your computer, search for marine organisms – like jellyfish, halibut and squid – and send your annotations to our science teams for further analysis. Digital Fishers(Science Toolbox)requires that you make an account, it’s free!

Contribute to ocean science simply by observing and making annotations.

1. Watch a short video.
2. If you see anything interesting, click the screen.
3. Select one or more items from the lists below that best describe what you see.
4. Save your annotation.


Call for Good Listeners!

This site is part of the SeaSound Project of The Whale Museum and is an experiment in sharing real-time underwater sound. The goals are to monitor the critical habitat of endangered southern resident killer whales to detect orca sounds and measure ambient noise levels.

Listening challenge: Help notify researchers when orcas are in the Salish Sea. If you hear killer whales please email or log your observations in a collaborative Google spreadsheet. Use the Salish Sea sound tutor to learn to tell which pod is present based on the calls they use most often. Use web cams and other real-time sensors around the Salish Sea to figure out what else you might be hearing.

Pack a Waste Free Lunch

Here’s a great way to make a difference at your school, with minimal effort. Just download this informative two sided poster and get it up in your school lunch room.

Trail Troopers

Are you a high school student in Vancouver? Do you want to gain greatvolunteer experience? The PSPS Youth Committee is always looking for new Youth Leaders for our Trail Troupers Program!

If you are interested, contact

Free Money Day

 is a global invitation for people to explore, in a liberating and fun way, what it might be like if our relationship to money was a little different. On September 15th, at various public locations worldwide, people will hand out their own money to complete strangers, two coins or notes at a time, asking the recipients to pass one of these coins or notes on to someone else. It’s an opportunity to start fresh conversations about money, sharing, and anything else that might come up.

The Human Library

is an innovative method designed to promote dialogue, reduce prejudices and encourage understanding.The main characteristics of the project are to be found in its simplicity and positive approach.

In its initial form the Human Library is a mobile library set up as a space for dialogue and interaction. Visitors to a Human Library are given the opportunity to speak informally with “people on loan”; this latter group being extremely varied in age, sex and cultural background.

The Human Library enables groups to break stereotypes by challenging the most common prejudices in a positive and humorous manner. It is a concrete, easily transferable and affordable way of promoting tolerance and understanding.

A wide range of different organisations and institutions practice the Human Library methodology now. The majority of organisers are working within the public library sector, and the secondlargest group is the youth organisations and non-governmental organisations such as the Scouts or the National Youth Council.

Why not take out a predjudice? Start your own Human Library!

Everything you need to know in order to organize an event can be discovered at the Human Library Website

Top 50 Teen Reads


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