Vancouver Youth and Family Calendar

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Cool Links (Canada)

Academie Duello-Centre for Swordplay

Air Time Canada-Co Pilot in a day

Akiane-Child Prodigy

Angry Birds in HD

Apathy is Boring

Aquarium of the Pacific

Ashoka Youth Ventures:GenV

Astronomy Pic of The Day

A Trip Through Space Time

Audio Search Engine

Banksy– Graffiiti Artist

Bar Code TV

Being Girl

Be Waste Aware

BC Film Commission

Sonos Wireless Music PlayerBC Film Commission Background Performers

BC Math Curricula Grade 1 -9

BC Talent Agency List

Bla Bla– Interactive tale for computer

Biomes of the World

Biorhythm Calculator

Groupon: Get the Best Deal in Your City Today!

Boing Boing

Boys Read

Brain Pop


Business Card Generator(FREE)

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Canadian Association For Sound Ecology

Canadian Music Centre

Can Learn(career planning, programs, schools, and funding.)

Career Explorers

Candy you ate as a kid®

Cartoon Network

Common Frequency

Common Sense Media- Advocating for Kids

Complaints Choir

Connexions-digital educational ecosystem

Cool 2.0

Wolfgang's Vault - Creepy Concert Posters

Cory Doctorow’s-Craphound

Creative Commons-sharing and use of creativity

and knowledge through free legal tools.

Culture Unplugged

Cymatics-the study of

visible sound and vibration

Daniel Tammet-Autistic Savant

Dead Man’s Switch

Deep Listening Institute

Games at

Dime A Dozen

Discover Magazine

Dr. Aubrey de Grey– Biogerontologist


Mr. Duey Raps Math: Grade 1 -8

E- Cards

Earth Rangers

Get Daily Green Deals at

Eduardo Relero– Steet Artist

Electricity All Around Us

Electronic Waste in Canada

Einstein Archives Online

Engineer Guy

Environmental Learning


Every Day Trash

Experimental Musical Instrumnets


Eye Spy Magazine

Facsimile Magazine

Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section

Orders of $35 & up Ships Free.

First Nations In BC Portal

First Row Sports– free live streaming sports

foldit:Solve Puzzles for Science

Free Music Archive

Fun With Words

Game for Science-The Power of Knowledge

Georges Secret Key To The Universe– children’s novel

from Stephen Hawking and daughter Lucy

GeoFreakZ Geo Trails; Parks Canada Geo Caching– real life treasure hunting

Yahoo! Games

Giftputer– find the perfect gift?

Glitch– A Game of Imagination

Global Campaign For Education

Global Kids


Glogster– A new way

to express yourself

Go Animate

Google Code University

Green Bag Lady

Gulf Islands Film and Television School

Haoyan of America

Haring Kids

Healthy Youth- Vancouver

HTML for Kids

Human Connectome Project


Cascio Interstate Music

Imagineaction Students

I Matter Not

Improv Everywhere

International Book Bank

Internet Archive

iTunes U

Jane Goodall’s Root and Shoots

Josh Keyes

Junk Science

Kids Comics

Kids Help Phone

Kick It Over

Kenaxis Software

Khan Academy


Kieron Williamson

Kurzweil: Accelerating Intelligence

Learning Space

Life Cycle of a CD or DVD

Life Cycle of a Cell Phone


Life Learning Magazine

Little People Project

Lost at E Minor

Make a Comic

Megan and Liz

Mind Check

Get Rock Band T-Shirts & Merchandise from


Moolta-Dare a Friend

Mozilla Webmaker

Mr. Brainwash

My Memory Translated

N is a Number- A Portrait of Paul Erdos

National Film Board

National Film Board Kids

Over 2 million ebooks!National Geographic Kids

National Accounts of Well Being

National Music Museum

Nature Magazine

Network Awesome

New York Times




Ocean Futures Society

Ocean Literacy

On Fiction

Open Library

OpenStax College

Opus Art Supplies


Parenting Education Resources and Publications

Parents and Caregivers Youth Mental Health Resource

Parks Canada-Youth Adventure Zone

Paris Transatlantic Portal

Paul Bowles

Payscale(Career Salary Indicator)


PBS Interactive

PBS Nature Full Episodes - Free ShippingPBS:Teachers

Peer Net BC-Helping People Connect

Philosophy Now

Physicians For Human Rights

Poetry Portal

Project Free TV

Project Blue(Canadian Water Campaign)

Project Code

Official Shop of Warner Bros

Radio 23

Rainbow Words

Raw Vision

Re- Energy

Ringtone Creator

Ripoff Report

FREE SHIPPING on all orders with Bedhead Pajamas with promo code SUMMERSHIP until 8/31/12 - 120x90

Rogest Kids Gallery

SafeAmp S.P.A.C.E Camp

Skills for Performing Artists through Community Engagement

Salish Sea Hydrophone Project


Science Bits

Science Fair Fun


Save up to 70% on Contact Lenses - Shop Online

Scholastic Book Fairs

Scholastic Graphix

Scitable: Open Learning Science

See Salmon Run

Shape Catcher

Skoll Foundation

Sonic Youth


Space Centre

Space Invaders

Spaghetti Western Orchestra

Science Buzz

Speak Up For Change(Youth Blog on Activism)

Spirit Bear Youth Coalition

Strange Mag

String Theory

Street Art Utopia

Studio 360

Tasj Magazine

Ted: Technology, Education, Design

Ted Ed

Theatre of the Oppressed

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity

The Daily Ocean

The Big Blue Bus

The Duchess Books

The Fun Theory

The Georgia Strait Community Map

The Guardian

The Library Company of Philadelphia

The Open Video Project

The Royal Society

The Vegetable Orchestra

Chocolate Gifts from

The Large Hadron Collider

The Tomorrow Project

The Wild Classroom

This Is What A Scientist Looks Like

Tiny Advice

Tokyo Fashion



Ultra Book Project with Will i am


Vacation Travel Packing List

Vancouver Improv Anywhere

Vancouver New Music

Vancouver School Board

Vancouver Youth Parliament

Venus, The Ocean Online, Real Time, Anytime

Viral Videos

Virtual Sentence Generator

Watts Up With That

Weather Network

WebWandern(Virtual Alpine Hikes)

Welcome To Pine Point

West Coast AdventuresTV


What’s Happening

Why it Hurts to Spank a Child

Wire:Adventures in Sound and Music

Wired Magazine

Wooster Collective

Word Association

Word Dynamo

Word Up Magazine

Work BC

World Association for Ruined Piano Studies

World Forum For Acoustic Ecology

World Science Festival

Yes I Can Write

Youth 4 Action(Metro Vancouver)

Youth Adventure Zone-Parks Canada

Youth In BC

Youthink Magazine

Z Communications

Writing Dynamo by


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