Vancouver Youth and Family Calendar

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Vancouver Community Centres

Vancouver Community Centres

Drop by and get in on the fun at any of Vancouver‘s 24 community centres!

The Vancouver Park Board operates, along with community-based Associations, 24 community centres across the city. These centrally located facilities serve all ages and offer a wide range of resources that focus on recreational, social and cultural pursuits. Programs can include fitness, arts and crafts, culture, dance, swimming, skating, child care and a multitude more. Residents use these centres of activities as meeting places to exchange ideas and meet new friends.

Vancouver Parks and Gardens

Adding to the spectacular natural environment of beaches, mountains and sea, clean air and water, areVancouver‘s more than 200 diverse parks, including destination parks, small neighbourhood parks, remnant woodlands and ravines, seawall walks and beachesdisplay gardensbotanical collectionsgolf courses and 130,000 street trees.

Our parks provide special spaces for a wide variety of organized activities and sports, places for friends and families to gather, and quiet places to relax amidst natural surroundings.

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