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The Aviva Contest – Carousel Theatre Needs Your Vote

What is the Aviva Contest?

Aviva Community Fund competition is simply another way to support and help the communities where we live and work. Aviva Insurance is giving away $1,000,000 to help grow our community.

Carousel is asking for your vote from now, until November 5. If they get through this round as a finalist, they will move on to the semifinals, which begin in December, when they will need your vote again.

They are only clicks away from their dream 

Carousel Theatre: Creating New Spaces

We are bustling hub, so much so that we have reached capacity and are bursting at the seams. We need to grow! We recently completed a feasibility study to renovate our space to better meet the needs of the community. The renovation plan includes creating a second theatre school classroom which will also serve as a third rehearsal hall, creating a parent and children’s waiting lounge, expanding the layout of our costume shop so that it can also serve other theatre companies, and creating a small storage space. This project will enable us to launch a musical theatre branch of our theatre school, as well as an advanced program for teen actors. Our costume shop will be able to accommodate creating costumes for other theatre companies, and we will be able to provide space to a long waiting list of community groups.

The project budget for this renovation is $375 000. We have already raised $150 00o through a Cultural Infrastructure Grant from the City of Vancouver, and have a pending grant application for an additional $100 000. We have also secured $26 000 through  capital reserve fund. We only need to raise $99 000 more- and this $99 000 could come from the Aviva Community Fund with your help.

How can you help us?

You can vote for Carousel Theatre here starting on Monday October 22:

You will need to register as a voter by entering your full name and email address.

Remember, you can vote every day. Want a daily reminder?
Opt-in to our daily vote reminder emails by emailing
Follow us on Twitter or,
Like us on Facebook

What else can you do to help? Become a Voting Ambassador!

 We are looking for 50 people to sign up as Voting Ambassadors. A Voting Ambassador pledges to secure 20 votes per day for Carousel Theatre during the voting period through their own networks of friends, work colleagues and family. This can be done by sending your own email reminders to your own networks, reposting our daily facebook posts, re-tweeting our daily twitter messages and talking us up around the water cooler.

 Should Carousel Theatre win this contest, all Vote Ambassadors will have their names displayed on a Thank You Plaque that will hang in the new parent’s lounge on the second floor of the building in recognition of their amazing fundraising efforts on behalf of Carousel Theatre.

If you would like to be a Vote Ambassador, please sign up by emailing and they can give you more details.

Thanks to all who take up the cause

Candy you ate as a kid®


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